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28th-Apr-2011 03:29 am - 20110401- Blabble086: Zoo
stock (carefree)
Blabble086-- Zoo
Zoos are great holiday destinations,
A fun time for children and their families.
There are so many animals to see,
And so many new fun facts to learn.
It's a day full of ice-cream and hot dogs too.
Zoos are a fun time for everyone.
Okies! That was super lame. But zoos are fun! But hot haha! I'm done for the night! Alphabet done! Tomorrow, I'll have to come up with more topics until I'm up to date again... which will hopefully be soon :D

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28th-Apr-2011 03:20 am - 20110331- Blabble085: Yellow
junsu (dare to dream)
Blabble085--  Yellow
Sunshine so yellow,
Flowers so bright,
Happiness so yellow,
Smiling so bright.
Yellow reminds people of summer,
And it brings joy and a smile.
Random, but so true. My friend made a logo and added yellow to it and it made me all happy and smiley :D Cos I'm weird like that XD
28th-Apr-2011 03:11 am - 20110330- Blabble084: X'Mas
jaejoong (warm&snug)
Blabble084-- X'Mas
An abundance of red and green,
Shining lights and chocolates,
Candy canes and stockings,
An over abundance of material goods.
Haha. I don't even call it X'Mas... except on Christmas card envelopes where I write "xmas" in the postcode boxes XD I'll do a proper and more meaningful Christmas post on Christmas day :) Doot di doo~ Nearly done with the alphabet song words :D
28th-Apr-2011 03:06 am - 20110329- Blabble083: Water
jaejoong (pensive)
Blabble083-- Water
So essential in life.
Water fuels life,
It's an important element for growing.
Water revitalises and refreshes.
So important.
Yet so easily overlooked.
Random. And I was going to relate the last line to life... but then... I don't know haha!
28th-Apr-2011 03:00 am - 20110328- Blabble082: Vase
jaejoong (luscious)
Blabble082-- Vase
A vase can hold flowers,
But fresh and dried.
A vase holds many memories,
Those new and old.
Flowers come and go,
But the vase that holds them lasts forever.
I guess in that sense, things happen in life, and though those actual events have passed, the memories still remain :)

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