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About the Girl

Name: Michelle
D.O.B: 25th August 1989
Location: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Student
Favourite colours: pink, blue and purple. red, green and black and white. the pastel and metallic colours. LOL.
Favourite pasttimes:Photoshopping, Reading, Forum-ing, chatting to my friends, shopping, shopping and shopping
Favourite sports: Badminton, basketball, ice-skating, shopping, shopping and SHOPPING. =)
Favourite music: C-pop:Twins, Joey, Ella, Niki, Edison (but not his rap) Kenny, Alex, Justin... etc etc etc K-pop: DBSK =) Super Junior, SG Wannabe, BoA J-pop: Yui
Favourite foods: sweet 'n' sour pork, ice-cream, candy, cakes, sushi, pasta etc etc
Favourite drinks: Mango Pudding drink with pearls, Chocolate pearl milk drink, cream soda, lemonade, mocha,
ice capaccino (fell in love after listening to the radio drama "Little Spark")
Favourite TV shows/movies: The Sound of Music, most TVB series, any movies with Twins and Edison. example:
All About Love, Heroes <3
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